Lumii Double Pack
Lumii Double Pack
Lumii Double Pack

Lumii Double Pack

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The Lumii Double pack comes with 2 Lumii Cups and 1 Steriliser - great for having a spare cup available or using to switch out between changes.

The Lumii Cup is a menstrual cup made of soft, medical grade silicone and is used as an alternative to pads and tampons.

Choose the Small size if you are 25 years or under and have not given birth vaginally.

Choose the Large size if you are 25 years or Over and have given birth vaginally, whatever your age.

With 3 colours to choose from in Pink, Purple and Blue.

The Lumii Cup comes packaged in an eco-friendly cotton bag, perfect for storing your cup in between cycles.

Because the Lumii Cup is an internally worn item, it is not refundable. 

The Lumii Steriliser is perfect for cleaning, boiling and disinfecting your Lumii Cup. It is foldable and made of medical grade silicone.

Used in the microwave or oven, the Lumii Steriliser is discreet and easy to use. Instructions for use can be found on our blog - All Things True.

Please note that the steriliser only comes in blue (as seen in the photo).