Frequently Asked Questions About Lumii Heat Packs

Can I Stick My Lumii Heat Pack Directly on My Skin?
No. You should NEVER stick them directly on your skin, as you run the risk of burning yourself. While they may feel comfortable to begin with, they heat up quickly. You would also start to sweat meaning the sticky backing would begin to slide off, therefore ruining the ability for them to stick to you.
What are Lumii Heat Packs Made of?
Made from all natural and eco-friendly ingredients, including iron, vermiculite and water. They are a great option for you and the environment. When you have finished with your heat pad and it has fully cooled, you can open with scissors and sprinkle the contents in your garden.
Are Lumii Heat Packs Environmentally Friendly?
Yes! Lumii Heat Packs contain natural ingredients which are biodegradable, so when you’re done with them, you can throw them away guilt-free! The contents can be reused as a soil conditioner, which contributes to the reduction of wastes. The outer packet is combustible and does not generate toxic gases.
What Happens if I Accidentally Open One Up?
Once you open the packet, the fillings inside the pad react with oxygen in the air to create heat – no wires or microwave required! The heat is constant and lasts for 12 hours.  If you accidentally open one up, quickly seal it in an airtight plastic bag to it to stop the oxidization process.
Can I Use One If I Am Diabetic?
We recommend you check with your doctor before using a Lumii Heat Pack. Because some diabetics have no sensation in their extremities, they would find it hard to judge whether the heat pad was getting too hot (thus, you could end up with a low-temperature burn without feeling it).
Can I Use One If I Am Pregnant?
Whatever you do, NEVER put a Lumii Heat Pack near your abdomen, and check with your doctor before using it on any other part of your body.
What Happens If They Get Wet?
If you get a Lumii Heat Pack wet, you can kiss it goodbye! The water will stop the oxidization process.
Can I Reuse My Heat Pack?
No. Once the 12 hours of heat is finished, that’s it. BUT – You can use the Heat Pack for half the time, seal it in an airtight bag to stop the oxidization process, and then use it again the next day.
Can I Use The Heat Pack On Other Areas Of My Body?
Yes, but never directly on your skin. We recommend using a heat pad wrap or a flexible tube bandage that you can double over.
Can I Sleep With a Lumii Heat Pack on?
No, NEVER! While you are asleep, you cannot easily monitor your comfort level and you can get a low-temperature burn.
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