The New Plymouth Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2017

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet hundreds of awesome ladies at the New Plymouth Women’s Lifestyle Expo. It was an awesome experience and also a really productive trip, as It was the first time I got to actually be face to face with my customers, and hear what they had to say. I was joined by the lovely Rebecca Allen, a wonderful friend of mine who is a Marriage Celebrant and Life Coach, and we had a blast!
There were plenty of giggle worthy moments as we made our way through the very busy 2 days. We had a really great response - hundreds of questions were asked and stories and experiences were shared by many different women – all in different ages and stages of life, and it was really cool to meet women who were already familiar with Menstrual Cups, or who had used them before.
By the end of the weekend, we had completely sold out of our Purple and Blue Lumii Cups and our Menstrual Cup Sterilisers, and were coming close to selling out of the Pink. We often had a large crowd of women gathered, listening intently as we explained exactly how the Lumii Cup worked, asking questions and actually getting to pick up and feel some of our sample cups.
There were lots of other beautiful companies at the Expo too, and we were so impressed with the calibre of products and services on offer, from clothing to oils and candles, delicious food and treats, health and fitness goodies, massages – everything you could imagine! We were lucky enough to be next to an incredibly lovely man selling Turmeric Tea (from Southern Cross Show TV), who after an insanely busy Saturday, helped us change our flat tyre, as we didn’t have a jack.
So, a huge Thank You so much to all of the lovely ladies we met down in the Naki! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all. You made our first Expo not only a wonderful experience, but also a fabulous success, and I couldn’t Thank You all enough.
Till next time,
K x