How to Clean and Look After Your Menstrual Cup

Looking after your menstrual cup is easy! Follow these simple steps to keep your menstrual cup fresh and clean.
As with any sanitary product, your menstrual cup should stay clean before and after insertion. Hygiene is so important – always remember to thoroughly wash your hands before touching, inserting and removing your cup to avoid any germs going from your cup to your vagina.
Where possible, try to sterilise your cup every time you take it out/ reinsert to remove any bacteria that may be lurking. This is easily and discretely done with our sterilisers. 

If sterilising after each use isn’t an option, ensure that you are carefully cleaning your cup in hot water, make sure that the suction holes at the top of your cup are clean and not clogged up, and sterilise as often as possible – making sure to at least sterilise before AND after each cycle.

Alternatively, you can choose to have more than one cup to make sterilising your cup more practical. You can do this by having a cup that you've pre-cleaned that is ready to insert and switch it out for the used one (make sure you have a clean pouch and dirty pouch to prevent recontamination). 

Using our sterilisers:

1) Put your menstrual cup in the sterilizer and fill with boiling water. Make sure it’s not completely full so it doesn’t overflow.
2) Do not close the lid, just place it loosely on top (otherwise it pops open from the heat pressure and water will spill).
3) Put the sterilizer with your cup inside in the oven or microwave:
     -Microwave: Boil for 2-3 minutes
     -Oven: Boil at 200° Celsius (or 390° Fahrenheit) for 10 minutes
4) Once it has finished boiling, be careful not to burn yourself – the sterilizer will be very hot. Once the water has cooled down, you can take out your cup. It is now safe and clean to use during your next period.
If you don't have a sterilizer, you can sterilize your cup by boiling it in a large amount of water for 5-10 minutes. Make sure that there is enough water so that the cup does not burn on the bottom.
TIP: Place the cup in a wire whisk to prevent contact with the bottom of the pot during boiling.
You should always wash your cup in warm water to ensure that it's properly cleansed. But if you want to avoid any permanent stains or discoloration, start your care routine with a cold rinse to ensure that the dark tints don't get set into the cup. Then you can move to a higher temperature for cleaning.
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